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Posted: March 5, 2014

TRX or Total Body Resistance Training may have originated at the US Navy SEALs but has now caught the fitness world by storm. Through the use of suspension trainers and working against body weight and the force of gravity, TRX training allows us to build strength, balance, endurance and core stability. Options to try TRX include taking classes at the gym or buying TRX suspension straps and attaching them to your door to perform 100s of exercises. TRX proponents claim that these exercises enable a total body workout that builds muscle endurance and a rock solid core.

My Experience

When I first tried TRX, the sheer intensity of the workout was a shock to my system. Despite the challenge, I ended up signing for hourly sessions twice a week for 3 months, and then signed up again for another quarter.

Within 6 months my core was in a much better shape, my legs had definition and were stronger than ever and my arms and shoulders were well toned.

I can now do 50 full body pushups, when 6 months ago I would have been hard pressed to do 10. The squats, lunges, push-ups, and burpies, all done with various combinations of resistance using the suspension trainers eventually made me feel empowered and stronger than I have ever felt.

A typical workout session was an hour long and included suspension training plus circuit training in between. We would always start with a warm-up of 30 burpees with push-up and knee tucks. Our circuit training was quite strenuous as well with kettle bell swings, frog jumps across the length of the gym, jump squats or lunges with battle ropes, and so on. The TRX portion of the session provided a full body strength training workout. Suspended mountain climbing, suspended knee tucks, single legged squats, lunges and burpees were all designed to fire up the lower body muscles. For the upper body we did TRX Y fly, chest press, rows, push-ups, bicep curls, tricep press, etc. Every movement in TRX training challenged the core strength and balance the entire time. By the end of the session, every muscle in the body was feeling the Burn!

All in all I would highly recommend everyone to try this workout. For those ready to work hard and go beyond their regular gym routine on the treadmill, this program can give impressive results.

For more information on TRX workouts & videos please visit www.trxtraining.com.

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